Guest FF Ride
A great recap from Chuck Judy of this weekend.  Like he says below- give us some extra thought and prayer today.  We have some tough climbs and warm weather.  Should get some added energy by picking up a few extra riders in Geneva.  At 622 miles in, they surpassed the half way mark to Fenway on Sunday.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout the day!
Chucks Update:
June 2nd Route, Batavia to Auburn
Tomorrows route starts off with a 25 mile gradual downhill before a tough hill phase when where we enter the Finger Lakes region. This is the first day we will be challenged with some tough hills. We have an early 7am start in anticipation of the long day on the road. We are also stopping a bike shop in Geneva, about half way, to pickup a few riders who will be joining us for the leg into Auburn.
Jun 02, 2014 06:04 am | Chuck Judy
June 1, Welland Ontario to Batavia New York
Our ride today was a relatively short compared to previous days. We were all exhausted from yesterday’s 105 mile ride in strong headwinds. Today we had planned to ride moderately, stay together and arrive together at the main event of the day, Niagara Falls. The ride also brought to close the chapter of our travels through southern Ontario. Though we covered so much ground, truth is that I’ve seen so little of Canada. What little have seen and learned about the history, geography and culture is enough to convince me that I want to spend more time here. If so, at a much slower pace.
Today also touched a big mile stone, our halfway point in the Wrigley to Fenway ride. We are at 622 miles. Five days left to finish in Boston. Its already a little bitter sweet knowing the goal is so close.
This is my Garmin activity since leaving Chicago May 26th. The mileage is actually 622.  8 miles less during our portage detour. I’m not so convinced about the calorie count. Someone mentioned that I may not lose weight here. We are eating really well.
Our stay last evening was in the Niagara College of Canada dormitories.
During the summer months they are converted to hotel operations. Great economic alternative to hotels if you can find a college in your travels doing the same.
Niagara College
The Welland canal bridge. This is a major shipping lane between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The bridge is operated remotely and takes about a half hour to cycle. We arrive just as the bridge was lowered.
Ship coming down the Welland Channel
We arrived into Niagara along Lundy Lane. Many strip malls, and small businesses.
How many gallons an hour?
American Falls
Our riding visiting partners from Welland. Bob and Kyke Lehan. Bob is a captain firefighter, with the Thorold fire department. Son Kyle is a fireman at Welland.
Our group at the falls.
Crossing the Rainbow bridge to the US
View from the Rainbow Bridge looking at Canadian side.
Waiting for the border check. Passports please.
Our last rest stop today was in Pembroke founded in 1812. And… part of Alabama. Definitely need to read up on the war of 1812.
Some of the guys are sporting these Ignite the Spirit Socks. Pink and Black. Originally made up for the cross country ride in 2012.
Old church on the way into Batavia.
There it is. Today Pat Brennan was the proud bearer of Hank’s Red Jersey
 Rider of the day Dan Degryse. We rode pretty easy throughout the day to conserving our energy. About ten miles out from Batavia a few of us decided to spread our wings and open up. Dan led the charge with a strong pull at 24mph uphill to get us all motivated.
Riders and crew relaxing after the ride.
Batavia FD graciously opened their station to host our dinner. It was Steak Tacos night. Mark from support team led the cooking with Tommy, Jack and Sam. The beef had been marinating since we left Chicago. Mmmmm Good.
Tommy grilling up the steak,
View inside of one of Batavia’s engines. Geared up and eady to go.
We watched the first period of the Hawks game in Batavia’s rec room

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