This is the last in the series of daily posts covering the 2014 Wrigley to Fenway Road Ride.  It has been a roller coaster of a week, driven by sore legs and warm hearts.  We completed it with no major injuries, and on the schedule we set.  We did it in honor of Hank, and to do whatever we can to drive awareness and research to cure childhood cancer.  As we have mentioned before, we are attacking a specific form of cancer called HALL.  You can see the details here.  Curing cancer is such a massive undertaking it can seem overwhelming.  Just like any large project, we are taking it a step at a time.  Between us, and the other organizations around the world driving funds to figure this out with the help of passionate scientists, we will fulfill Hank’s dream.  It was that no other kid had to deal with the disease he did.  Simple as that.  If you can help us by donating, every dollar is going in the right direction.  Let’s work together. 

We are thankful for each and every one of you for your donation of time, treasure and talent.  For your daily prayers and moral support, and for sharing these posts.  It is what makes this all work.  Our community is amazing!

So, what is next?  I suspect it was a restful weekend for the riders as they returned home to their families, and back to work on Monday.  We are hopeful their stories and experience allow them the opportunity to share the need and knowledge for what they spent a chunk of their life supporting.  Next for the foundation is some baseball! Mark your calendar for the 6:15 p.m. night game on Saturday, June 28, 2014 as the next Henry Schueler Memorial Cubs Game Day! Get your reservations in soon to Matt at because this could be the Year of the Cubs!  More details will be on the social pages in the coming weeks.

Here is the recap and coverage from Chuck Judy.  A special thanks to him for his insights and daily wrap ups.

We’ve Arrived!

We conquered the Monster! If you have not heard we arrived safe and sound at Fenway Park this afternoon. It is an incredible feeling to finish. I’m happy, relieved, in disbelief and exhausted. Thank you all for your support and encouragement along the way. I will have another blog tomorrow to recap the day and share some of the experience from our day and reception.

Talk soon,


They had this plaque near the seats above the green monster wall.
Chuck’s Recap of the Ride Into Boston and the ride wrap up.
From Chuck:

Our last day’s ride into Boston was a great one. Not so much that it was the postcard picturesque cycling adventure most would expect riding in New England. But knowing that we traveled by bicycle so far; In anticipation of reaching our goal and accomplishing Ignite the Spirit and the 41&9 Foundation’s mission was close at hand.

“Even the downhills are uphill”. That was the running joke throughout the last few days as we crossed the Berkshire’s and Appalachian foothills. For sea level folks like us whom rarely see a hill outside of the freeway overpass, climbing here was something that deserved respect and a considerable amount of training to overcome. I think I can speak for all, that the climbs were the most challenging aspect of this ride outside of the overall daily distance. My legs are tired and will need a week of rest before resuming rides again. Hats off to all riders who made it up and over those hills. I know everyone had to dig really deep physically and emotionally to break personal boundaries and push their limits.

The route today continued on Rt20 until Boston city limits. Firefighter and Police escorts began about twenty miles out. So we made good time forgoing traffic lights and stops. One big stop was at Charlton firehouse whom prepared a wonderful lunch for us. Jim Boyle and his wife Chris helped arrange this reception. College of the Holy Cross made a gracious donation to the foundation as well. Following that we continued eastward traveling through the NewYork’s western suburbs until we reached firehouse 41 in Boston’s Cambridge district. From there we went by escort to Fenway Stadium and reception at the bleachers. We walked to the top of the Green Monster Wall for pictures and took some time to take in the sites of the field.

Thank you everyone whom gave me the opportunity and support to participate in this ride. It was much more of a challenge than I could have ever imagined. I really enjoyed the friendships we made, all families and people involve. The success of our combined efforts for the foundation are deeply gratifying.

Garmin report from the entire 12 day ride Chicago to Boston
As this image illustrates, careful planning is required. I must say our ride had excellent planning.
Pat and Greg ready their bikes for the final stage.
Saddle up boys
Rich Pinskey and Jim Boyle
Cliff sporting Sub5 Century shorts. The Sub5 Century (100 miles in 5 hours) to support research of Parkinson’s disease, takes place in September, from Union Illinois.
One of the wetlands along our route today.
Greg can see the finish…well in a few hours
Sturbridge Tanker
Group at Sturbridge
Let the escort begin.
The Charlton lunch buffet at the firehouse.
Jim and Matt receiving the gift from Holy Cross
Charlton Engine 2 Logo
Water and Snack breaks every 15-20 miles. Salt and carbs.
Kenny and Jason Soo
Jim Boyle carried Hank’s Jersey today
Wayside Country Store Marlbourgh MA, The Wayside Country Store was built in 1790 and stood in the center of Sudbury, where it was used as a post office, general store and school. On the second floor was a grand ballroom. Henry Ford purchased this building in 1928 and moved it by oxen to its present site on Hager Pond. The store’s interior is still much the same as when Henry Ford ran it. It was the first country store in the United States to be re-established and restored.
Wayside in candy store.
Outskirts of Boston
Engine 41 firehouse in Cambridge. Hanks number comes up again. Our final escort to Fenway.
Arriving at Fenway
That a way
Pat Reardon on top of the Monster
Dakota and John Judy met me at Fenway.
Celebrating with Tony Snyder and Matt Straley
Reception party under the bleachers
Job well done. Thanks everyone.