SB 004A ride recap from day one from Matt Schueler and team.
All was successful, with a couple hiccups, much like any planned event.  The team is currently on the road for day two, and we will get you an update as we progress through the week. Here is the update: Day1 in the books! We started with pictures in Wrigley Field at 8:00 am and a prayer if blessing from Father O’Boyle.  Sometimes it feels really good, after running and prepping to get things right, with a million things going on to just be quiet for a couple minutes and take it all in.  Thanks to Father O’Boyle and to all of you who continue to pray for our safety on this journey and for the overall mission we have for the foundation.
With excitement in the air, and legs moving at a fever pitch we pulled away from the front of Engine 78 on Waveland.  And right on cue at 8:35, the chain on Susan’s bike promptly fell off!  With a smiling face and some quick repair work we had her back rolling as the group was escorted down Clark Street to Belmont Ave and over to the LSD bike path.  If that was the worst breakdown we have for the day, we will take it. A perfect day for a ride.  The sun was shining , the breeze refreshing and the water of Lake Michigan calm.
Twenty miles later we pulled into Calumet Park for our first rest stop.  After riding coast to coast last year, we experienced some unique things as you do when you are riding a long distance.  The first leg seems to go by really quickly because everyone is excited.  Day one in general is fueled by passion and fresh legs.  Day 2 can be a tough one, and then by day 3 you are in a a pretty good rhythm.  So far the team seems healthy and ready to go for tomorrow.
Our second segment took us through Hammond ,IN and thru Gary, IN where had a great lunch stop at the Gary Railcats ball yard.  Really cool to see these ball parks in small town America.  Even though we were here during the day, I can just imagine a cool Summer evening with the family here.  Smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of baseball chatter.
After refueling at the ballpark, we embarked on our longest leg of the day over Route 12 and through the Indiana Dunes National Park.  A quick rest stop in the Town of Pines for water refills and rider check up before our final leg into New Buffalo, MI. Five miles outside of town we were met by the New Buffalo police and fire departments who gave us a grand entrance into New Buffalo and Casey’s Bar and Grill.
It felt really amazing after a long day to be supported and loved by others for what we are trying to do. Cold beer, a sense of accomplishment and some sore bodies were abundant, as were many close friends who shared in our first day ride. Only 11 more to go! Tomorrow we ride to Coldwater, MI which awaits just 95 miles away. Stay tuned for more updates.

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