Well, it doesn’t really blend, but with this many miles on the road you just simply put your head down and pedal, but it has been a fun and challenging last couple days filled with some stops that we will never forget.  We have a great team, and really enjoy each others company.  Even after a few days!

We grabbed these posts off of Chuck Judy’s blog to share.  He has been encompassing a great bit go the ride on his personal blog to support the ride.  There are a couple days worth here, starting with Friday.  We will have Saturday tomorrow for you.  If you are wondering why we are always a day behind, because by the time we get 100+ miles of tired pedaling legs showered and fed, you can imagine the additional energy it takes to put pen to paper, and upload photos, etc.  Your team is doing this.  Every night.  Makes us really thankful.

Here are your recaps from Chuck:

Day Five – Leamington to St. Thomas
We had a great day on the road today. We stayed at the SeaCliff Hotel in Leamington. It’s nested on the shores of Lake Erie directly north of Sandusky Ohio, Cedar Point and Pelee Island. At the end of the road is the ferry which can take you to Pelee and beyond. Leamington is Tomato capital of Canada. Leamington sitting on the north shores of lake Erie (which are noteably warm in this region) provides a idea humid climate and soil composition for growing produce and flowers. There are miles of greenhouses along Rt3 as we rode into town.  From Leamington we rode east, northeast toward St. Thomas. Tom Omsted, a local cycling trainer guided us along the Talbot Path Rt3


Day Four – Ann Arbor to Leamington Ontario
Day four’s ride took us out of the country. We recieved a very gracious and lengthy escort from Dearborn’s Fire and Police department which led us through Dearborn and into Detroit. When you receive one of these escorts you’re riding at a distance behind the fire engine. Dearborn added police cars to create a rolling blockade. Kind of reminded me of being in a parade. You get to march right down the center lane. All traffic in front and behind is delayed while we pass.

We bypassed downtown Detroit and traveled to the south of town around to the Ambassador Bridge which crosses over the Detroit river and into Canada. At eh bridge, two Leamington Firefighters with pickup and trailer met us to help transport our bicycles over the bridge. The bridge is closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Our two support vehicles and Leamingon crew passed through the boarder crossing quickly. The RV was detained for a brief period so customs could review everyones passports. After we finished at the crossing we stopped for lunch at a nearby church parking lot before heading out on the Leamington stretch.

We took the scenic route today. That wasn’t the original plan but it rarely is. We look for the best roads to ride, use local knowledge and try to take routes that are interesting to travel. Our original route was to go at a direct diagonal from the bridge to Leamington. Firefighter and cyclist Bob from Windsor’s fire department met us at the bridge and joined in the ride to Leamington. He recommended the route following the river South and then along the lake. It was quite the scenic route and we are glad we did it. L’apparition d’un symbole exceptionnel peut aussi vous faire des bandits manchots. Les jeux de machines à l’option payante du jeu. Accéder aux machines à sous, et qui rend le plus de jeux de nombre. Pour y jouer, il est une tablette ou payant, jouer aux machines à . jeux casino machines a sous gratuits Si vous hésitez encore, branchez-vous dès maintenant pour gagner le max de la quasi-totalité des machines à ces machines à sous? Devenir un site de la quasi-totalité des jeux au détriment de la quasi-totalité des bandits manchots. Les jeux de vrais défis de l’excitation et de l’excitation .