Here is Chuck’s blog update from yesterday.  Sounds like a beautiful, yet challenging leg.  Today brings joy, work, and some more friends along the way, followed by closure to an amazing experience.   Remember, we do this for a reason.  This ride raises funds to support the reason, and is one of our primary sources to support it.  If you can donate, please do!
Here is Chucks Update:
Albany to Springfield
We added another epic day to the books. Just when we thought there may be a break in the action we are faced with more challenges. 90 miles,  steep hills, rain and a short gravel section for good measure. The route was originally slated to run on Rt20. After the rain started and with heavy traffic the crew rerouted us to country roads. It was a good decision. We ended up riding on the Jacob’s Ladder Trail, Scenic By-way. Which crosses the Appalachian Trail, by Tekoe Mountain through Berkshire County and the Berkshire’s Mountains. Originally opened in 1910 for the growing number of automobiles of the time.
We have already covered 985 miles and have only 90 miles to go today. We arrive in Boston, at Fenway Park about 5pm. I am sad that this ride is coming to an end. I’ve had a great time these past 11 days with my new friends. Its definitely an experience I will cherish for years to come.
Morning role call.
Albany Fire House
In Albany.  I didn’t get the name of the building.
The Hudson River looking North, with Albany to the west.
Todays ride met rain. Slow and soggy.
Creek along Jacobs Ladder
Gale changing a flat tire. We see more of these when it rains. The rain washes debris and glass uo onto the road riding surface from the gutter. The water seems to help it stick to the tire more.
The guys taking a break in the van.
Rob Weel and the entire support crew take good care of us. The crew do so much to keep us riding. Helping us with gear, hydration and nutrition replenishment, driving, directions, safety to name a few. This ride could not take place without their tireless efforts. Hats off!
Tommy and Rich consult on the best route.
After the first 50 miles today riding in the rain with steep hills we decided to stop at an Italian resturant for lunch and a much need break.
Gearing up after lunch for the afternoon session.
Meeting the Westfield police for the escort to Springfield.
The group before departing on the Springfield escort.
Hanks Jersey fell on the shoulders of Dan Degryse today. Dan was a real trooper this week. He flew home to attend his sons graduation then few right back after to rejoin the ride.
The reception in Springfield was incredible. Two tower ladders held a huge American flag over head. We rode in under the flag into Springfield’s downtown square.
Matt Schueler in an interview with local media.
Jason Soo inspires a young fan..
Old First Church, on the Square, Founded 1637
After the ride this evening Ignite the Spirit organized a great fund raiser at our hotel.
Final Day, June 6th, Springfield to Boston
Tomorrow is our final day. Springfield to Boston, Fenway Park. As of today we have logged 985 miles of riding. I’m relieved but sad to know the end is near. I enjoy riding with these guys. We expect to have great reception at Fenway’s Bleacher Bar upon our arrival. Approximately 5pm.


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