Day 2 ride recap from Matt Schueler is included below.  Looks like things are going well!  Remember, if you would like to donate to support this ride, you can simply click here.  Have a great day!

Here you go:

Ride day two kicked off with a bang.  The team was in good spirits, and all the equipment is still holding up.  No breakdowns (body or bike) to report, which is fantastic.  A few sore legs (and saddle soreness, which is to be expected), but everyone is ready to roll out tomorrow.

We left the beauty of the Lake Michigan shore out of New Buffalo, MI with a 103 mile ride in sight and a goal destination of Coldwater, MI by afternoon.  As we rode through the small towns and winding roads, covering the inland gap between the tips of two great lakes (Michigan and Erie), I really began to feel how lucky we all are to live in this great place we call the USA.  The Michigan countryside is such an overlooked example of what it has to offer.  Beautiful rolling hills, smells that fill your heart, and fields filled with farmhouses from years past that are still every bit as operational as they were 50 plus years ago.  We all get excited to go on vacations to see the world, Europe, different continents, when in reality we could spend a lifetime exploring our great country and it’s unique corners.  Inspiration at it’s best.

After we enjoyed about 80 miles of our ride, we started to see some big boomers build in the distance.  About 15 miles out from Coldwater, things started to look a little hairy.  We decided to take cover for safety reasons and let the storm pass.  Even though it wasn’t a planned break, it worked out well and only lasted for about 30 minutes.  It was actually a real blessing, as it cooled things down and allowed us to ride in a light rain for the last 15 miles.  We arrived pretty close to on schedule, wet and tired, and ready for a recharge.

I can’t wrap up without sharing the highlight of our day.  It is amazing how our world has changed, and the digital outreach for a cause like ours can make an impact like never before the advent of social media.  We have worked really hard to increase our internet and social media presence for this ride, and to see some fruits of that effort is awesome.  As we pulled into our hotel at the end of the day, a nice lady followed our truck into the lot, and after chatting for a few minutes shared that she is following our ride on the internet.  She gave us a donation, and some words of encouragement.  That is what lights our fire, and make us ready to tackle the next day.

ride donation photoKind of funny, when we were kids you would joke after a long bike ride that we felt like we “rode to Canada”.  Well, we ARE riding to Canada in the next couple days.  Headed out this morning from Coldwater, with our destination of Ann Arbor in our sights.  Please continue your thoughts and prayers for our rider safety, our cause, and that our efforts will continue to make others more aware of what they can do to help.

See you in 100 miles or so!

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