Here are Chuck’s updates and plans from yesterday, and into today.  Been a long one, and the home stretch is in the mind.  I am sure the own bed is starting to sound very appealing about now.  Make sure to check in tomorrow for updates and our BIG ARRIVAL into Fenway Park!

 June 5th Route, Albany to Springfield:

Tomorrow’s route takes us 90 miles closer to Boston. Springfield Massachusetts. We expect a long day with the distance combined with a few climbs. In addition we need to be in Springfield by 5pm for a 6pm fund raising reception hosted by the Springfield fire department at the La Quinta Inn and Suites on Congress St. So we’ll be up early to hit the road.



Jun 04, 2014 11:24 pm | Chuck Judy

 Cooperstown to Albany

I didn’t want to leave the hotel today. I loved the pampering, sleeping in, the five star room, the breakfast waffle’s and homemade donuts. Donuts made by the woman who’s been making them at the OteSaga for 25 years. I had some time to visit the Hall of Fame again. Then packed up to ride. We stopped to take a group photo at the Doubleday Field on the way out.
You have to listen to your body and give it rest when needed. On a ride like the Wrigley to Fenway rest is not always available. You have to get it when you can. I tried to rest on the ride. No hard efforts just an easy spin on the pedals. Try to take it easy up the hills. Coasted as long as I could down. We had a few long steep climbs today. Nothing like yesterday but tough when your legs are tired from the previous day’s efforts. Since most of us are at different levels of fitness and energy we had allot of time riding miles alone. Especially during the climbs. We regroup during rest stops. The last ten miles of the ride we were escorted by Guilderland and Albany, Police and Fire departments. They did an outstanding job bringing us into town safely. It felt like a parade.
Add this to your golf calendar. The 18th hole at OteSaga in the morning. Some of the support crew and riders played a round early this morning.
Old large pines in front of the hotel
I went back to the Hall of Fame this morning to view the photograph section. Here’s a shot they have on display of Wrigley Field in 1929, World Series Game between the Cubs and Philadelphia Athletics.
Pinwheel from the scoreboard of the old Comisky Park, Chicago.
The group heads out along the lake road leaving Cooperstown
Few large farms along the lake as we headed out. Check out that cloud formation.
Jason and Pat arriving at the rest area after today’s big climb.
Pat going over today’s route with support crew and ace RV man Mark
Common style of house along today’s route
The Red Jersey is spotted.
Hanks Red Jersey is having a ride with Cliff Gartner today
Hanks number 41 made an appearance today. This time on Guilderland’s escort truck.
Along the escort route today. There were plenty of cheers and applause as we rode into town. I heard some children on the curb calling it a parade. It sure felt like it.
Sean enjoying the ride into town.
Our stay this evening is at The College of Saint Rose dormitories in Albany.
We were guest for a delicious dinner hosted by Ann and Mike D’Atillio’s. Great finish to the day.


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